Fewer Absences

Addo helps employees to make smart life choices, which can help decrease absences due to illness or chronic injuries.

Improved Morale

Having achievements recognised can turn a bad day around.  Addo makes it easy to spot and celebrate successes big or small. 

Better Culture


Teams work best when they work together. Build unity in your team by working towards group goals.

More Engagement

Everyone needs to feel good to do their best work. Addo fosters balanced lifestyles that allow employees to focus on what matters at the right time.


Collect Addo Points by completing challenges.

We’ve chosen 16 that are flexible and easy to achieve. Late for the bus and ran ten blocks? That definitely counts for some points!

Body Challenges

Are about movement and exercise, like playing sports, doing yoga or going for a walk.

Food Challenges

Cover everything that keeps your body running, from eating breakfast to drinking water.

Mind Challenges

Aren’t just for Shaolin monks. If you’re learning guitar or sleeping well that earns points too

Social Challenges

Reward actions that increase your connection to those around you.

The wellness game for teams.


Track your wellness activity over time and use the sexy graphs to help understand your life balance


Check the standings regularly, for yourself and to be sure your teammates are logging their points.


Let Addo the wolf cheer you on as you celebrate your wellness milestones

In-office Teams

You can only have so much fun as a lone wolf. Make an in-office team to crush those folks down the hall who never refill the coffee.


Use Addo wherever you are.

Addo is accessible on any device, and is also available on the Google Play and Apple App stores.


Learn your Addo score

Charts and analytics help you see trends and understand how you can bring more wellness into your life.


How To Play Addo

Bring Your Team

Create an account using your Slack account. Invite your team so you will have people to play with.


Complete Challenges

Collect points for completing different challenges. Addo will help you understand your activity, and show you where you can improve. 


Live Better Together

Track the leaderboards and compete with your teammates. Challenge others to achieve group goals and build healthy habits.


Get In Touch

Thanks for you interest in Addo. We would love to chat! Submit your name and information here and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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